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What you need to know for twins

Some parents, when they have twin children, are struggling to supply their needs and their supposition. In this article, we want to give some guidance and advice to the parents of twin children, which we will continue to discuss.

Do not treat the same thing

The twin education should be such as to obtain independent and distinct characters from each other, but this is an extremely difficult and difficult task and requires special psychological planning and attention; and you need to know that the personality is influenced by the education and the environment takes.

The important thing is that you should love the twins as much, but they were not expecting them to a certain extent, since since even two leaves of a tree are not like each other, each twin may also have the talents and abilities Have different. So do not accept that they are the same; and it is also necessary to always remember that resemblance does not mean equality, which means that they are two completely independent characters whose parents play a significant role in their formation.

The most important thing about twin education is to understand the difference between their "similarity" and "equality" and to know that twins are two totally different creatures.

What do we feel like to love a bull?

True, it's possible that the characters and the behavior of the twins may be different because of the environmental factors, education, and interests of the twins, but try to be of equal interest to them, but if you prefer one of them to another, then at least Do not speak.

But what if one lesson was better?

Unfortunately, the twin parents expect all their personality and functionality to be the same as their children, but the environmental factors and personal interests of each one can make the difference even in academic performance. So instead of focusing on a negative feature, it's better to find and reinforce our child's positive talents.

Should we provide everything for both of them?

Never! Children need to learn when they need a device that they need, for example, if the glass is broken one should not buy glasses for both of them. By doing this, we teach children that the parental need is based on the needs of family members. Even the same applies to the purchase of the same clothing.

Sometimes the twins get together for a mistreatment

We should not consider it very complicated to behave like a spy agency. This behavior is not specific to the twins, and there are two things that are good if this relationship makes them more intimate; but if they aim to do bad deeds, they should treat both of them in accordance with family law and have the same punishment for them. Considered.

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