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Traveling with the baby

Usually the newly-born couples who want to travel on the same day are worried about whether something happens to our child or not. In order for Wallidine's newborn to be able to travel comfortably without any difficulty and difficulty, there are a few things to note. It is very important to follow a trip. There are notices about coverage, comfort and relaxation, baby's health, etc. Of course, it should be noted what they travel with.

General principles of traveling with the baby
The general principles are to prepare the child for travel and work to be done during the trip. It should be noted that infants usually are not prepared for a variety of infections and diseases and know that you must also plan your trip with the program. Set the child, for example, baby cover when traveling, if the weather is warm and sunny, make a cool, but long sleeve shirt for your baby. Note, be careful not to overlap in setting up your travel schedule with the baby sleeping program and baby feed.

Pay attention to the baby's travel vehicle
Apart from paying attention to the general principles of travel, you should pay attention to the vehicle you travel with.

Baby travel by car
Note that one of the child's caregivers should be at the back of the car. You can even give your baby or child a plaything or a means to entertain him, but never leave him alone in the back seat.

If you want to listen to music in your car, try to run more relaxed music than your music in order to make your child sleep more relaxed and not hurt.

Baby trip by train
A quick travel is better for a child than traveling with a car, because it is more comfortable and comfortable for the train, and it's almost safe for a child.

The child's sleep position on the train should be more than the window, and be careful that if the window is open, the baby does not fall asleep. There should be one of the parents or grandchildren next to the baby, so that nothing happens to her.

A baby's journey by plane
If you travel by plane, be sure to breastfeed or water your child at any time because of the airs inside the airplane to prevent water loss. It also prevents the baby from eating a baby's ears at high altitudes.

The baby must be in the arms of one of the parents, and the safety belt must be closed.

Try to travel the night hours of the night so that the baby can sleep most of the time.

in the end

If your journey is not necessary, try to leave the baby for the second month, or eventually, the first month, and then go on a journey because, according to the doctors of children, the babies are not so strong against the germs and without complete care they will be ill. And it's hard for you.

So try to take the most care from your baby and enjoy the journey with him.

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